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Tracked Dossiers

Dossier Forecasts Stage Reached Legal Basis Name Committee Dossier Rapporteur Commission Doc
2011/0382(NLE) Procedure completed TFEU TFEU 082-p1, TFEU TFEU 087-p2, TFEU TFEU 218-p6a EU/USA Agreement: use and transfer of Passenger Name Records (PNR) to the US Department of Homeland Security LIBE/7/07876 IN 'T VELD Sophia (ALDE) 17433/2011
2011/2081(INI) Procedure completed RoP 048 Freedom of press and media in the world AFET/7/05943 SCHAAKE Marietje (ALDE)
2012/0010(COD) Awaiting Council 1st reading position / budgetary conciliation convocation TFEU TFEU 016-p2 Personal data protection: processing of data for the purposes of prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or execution of criminal penalties, and free movement of data LIBE/7/08742 DROUTSAS Dimitrios (S&D) COM(2012)0010
2012/0180(COD) Procedure completed TFEU TFEU 050-p2, TFEU TFEU 062 Collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online use in the internal market JURI/7/10141 GALLO Marielle (EPP) COM(2012)0372

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