Members of the European Parliament

from icon: NL Netherlands as of 2019/02/20

Name Role Group
Marcel de GRAAFF Co-Chair icon: ENF ENF
Esther de LANGE Vice-Chair icon: PPE PPE
Dennis de JONG Vice-Chair icon: GUE/NGL GUE/NGL
Peter van DALEN Vice-Chair icon: ECR ECR
Sophia in 't VELD Vice-Chair icon: ALDE ALDE
Johannes Cornelis van BAALEN Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Judith SARGENTINI Member icon: Verts/ALE Verts/ALE
Anja HAZEKAMP Member of the Bureau icon: GUE/NGL GUE/NGL
Jeroen LENAERS Member icon: PPE PPE
Bas EICKHOUT Treasurer icon: Verts/ALE Verts/ALE
Gerben-Jan GERBRANDY Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Paul TANG Member icon: S&D S&D
André ELISSEN Member icon: ENF ENF
Kati PIRI Member icon: S&D S&D
Agnes JONGERIUS Member icon: S&D S&D
Wim van de CAMP Member icon: PPE PPE
Matthijs van MILTENBURG Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Anne-Marie MINEUR Member icon: GUE/NGL GUE/NGL
Marietje SCHAAKE Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Bas BELDER Member icon: ECR ECR
Caroline NAGTEGAAL Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Lambert van NISTELROOIJ Member icon: PPE PPE
Olaf STUGER Member icon: ENF ENF
Auke ZIJLSTRA Member icon: ENF ENF
Jan HUITEMA Member icon: ALDE ALDE

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