Members of the European Parliament

from icon: IE Ireland as of 2018/01/16

Name Role Group
Mairead McGUINNESS Member icon: PPE PPE
Luke Ming FLANAGAN Member of the Bureau icon: GUE/NGL GUE/NGL
Brian CROWLEY Member of the Bureau icon: ECR ECR
Liadh NÍ RIADA Member icon: GUE/NGL GUE/NGL
Lynn BOYLAN Member icon: GUE/NGL GUE/NGL
Seán KELLY Member icon: PPE PPE
Marian HARKIN Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Brian HAYES Member icon: PPE PPE
Matt CARTHY Member icon: GUE/NGL GUE/NGL
Nessa CHILDERS Member icon: S&D S&D
Deirdre CLUNE Member icon: PPE PPE

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