Members of the European Parliament

from icon: BG Bulgaria as of 2019/02/20

Name Role Group
Andrey KOVATCHEV Vice-Chair icon: PPE PPE
Filiz HYUSMENOVA Vice-Chair icon: ALDE ALDE
Iskra MIHAYLOVA Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Angel DZHAMBAZKI Member of the Bureau icon: ECR ECR
Nikolay BAREKOV Member of the Bureau icon: ECR ECR
Svetoslav Hristov MALINOV Member icon: PPE PPE
Emil RADEV Member icon: PPE PPE
Peter KOUROUMBASHEV Member icon: S&D S&D
Georgi PIRINSKI Member icon: S&D S&D
Nedzhmi ALI Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Sergei STANISHEV Member icon: S&D S&D
Andrey NOVAKOV Member icon: PPE PPE
Ilhan KYUCHYUK Member icon: ALDE ALDE
Momchil NEKOV Member icon: S&D S&D
Asim ADEMOV Member icon: PPE PPE
Eva MAYDELL Member icon: PPE PPE
Vladimir URUTCHEV Member icon: PPE PPE

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