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Shadow 2013/2157(INI) European semester for economic policy coordination: annual growth survey 2014
Responsible 2013/0045(CNS) Implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax (FTT)
Responsible 2012/0298(APP) Enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax
Responsible 2010/2105(INI) Innovative financing at a global and European level
Responsible 2010/2105(INI) Innovative financing at a global and European level
Opinion 2008/2237(INI) Small Business Act
Opinion 2008/2237(INI) Small Business Act
Opinion 2008/2139(INI) Pre-commercial procurement: driving innovation to ensure sustainable high quality public services in Europe
Opinion 2008/2139(INI) Pre-commercial procurement: driving innovation to ensure sustainable high quality public services in Europe
Responsible 2008/0222(COD) Energy-related products: indication of the consumption of energy (repeal. 'Energy Labelling Directive' 92/75/EEC). Recast
Responsible 2008/0222(COD) Energy-related products: indication of the consumption of energy. Recast


1962/10/08 Athina
  • Athens School of Philosophy, Faculty of French Language and Literature; EEC postgraduate scholarship at the 'Journalistes en Europe' School in Paris (1989-1990).
  • Worked for 'Avgi' newspaper (1985-1987), 'To Vima' newspaper and the 'Athena 9.84' radio station (1987-1989). ET-1 and Athens News Agency Paris correspondent (1990-1994). Diplomatic editor with 'Exousia' newspaper (1996-1998) and 'To Vima' and 'To Vima tis Kyriakis' newspapers (1998-2007).
  • In 2000 she was awarded the Greek-Turkish Friendship prize by the Turkish Association of Radio and TV Journalists for her contribution to bringing about a rapprochement between the two countries. The prize was awarded at a special ceremony in Ankara by the then Foreign Affairs Ministers of the two countries, Georgios Papandreou and Ismail Cem.


4 2009/0054(COD) Commercial transactions: combating late payment (repeal. Directive 2000/35/EC). Recast
2010/02/18 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-439.144
16 2009/0108(COD) Energy policy: measures to safeguard security of gas supply (repeal. Directive 2004/67/EC)
2010/01/19 ITRE 5 amendments...
source: PE-438.187
2010/01/20 ITRE 11 amendments...
source: PE-438.231
5 2009/0142(COD) European Banking Authority EBA: establishment (amend. Decision No 716/2009/EC)
2010/03/26 ECON 5 amendments...
source: PE-439.966
4 2009/0144(COD) European Securities and Markets Authority ESMA: establishment (amend. Decision No 716/2009/EC)
2010/03/24 ECON 4 amendments...
source: PE-439.456
3 2009/2096(INI) A sustainable future for transport
2010/03/02 ITRE 3 amendments...
source: PE-438.447
2 2009/2099(INI) University Business Dialogue: a new partnership for the modernisation of Europe's universities
2010/03/02 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-438.395
9 2009/2152(INI) Report on the Commission White Paper: 'Adapting to climate change: towards a European framework for action'
2010/04/02 ITRE 9 amendments...
source: PE-438.288
2 2009/2153(INI) Report on the Commission Green Paper on the management of bio-waste in the European Union
2010/02/25 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-439.263
6 2009/2157(INI) EU agriculture and climate change
2010/04/02 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-438.289
4 2009/2178(INI) Enforcement of intellectual property rights in the internal market
2010/02/26 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-439.283
1 2009/2182(INI) Financial, economic and social crisis: recommendations concerning the measures and initiatives to be taken. Mid-term report
2010/06/24 CRIS 1 amendments...
source: PE-443.104
4 2009/2224(INI) Internet of Things
2010/04/15 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-440.038
8 2009/2225(INI) Defining a new Digital Agenda for Europe: from i2010 to
2010/02/25 ITRE 8 amendments...
source: PE-439.243
9 2009/2227(INI) Community innovation policy in a changing world
2010/05/03 ITRE 9 amendments...
source: PE-439.266
5 2009/2228(INI) Mobilising Information and Communication Technologies to facilitate the transition to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy
2010/03/03 ITRE 5 amendments...
source: PE-439.383
1 2009/2229(INI) Internet governance: the next steps
2010/10/05 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-441.224
2 2009/2243(INI) Report on the implementation of the synergies of research and innovation earmarked funds in Regulation (EC) No 1080/2006 concerning the European Fund of Regional Development and the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development in cities and regions as well as in the Member States and the Union
2010/02/26 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-439.282
6 2010/0150(COD) Programme to aid economic recovery: Community financial assistance to projects in the field of energy (amend. Regulation (EC) No 663/2009)
2010/07/15 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-445.669
6 2010/0250(COD) Financial markets: OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories
2011/03/30 ECON 6 amendments...
source: PE-460.860
7 2010/0251(COD) Financial markets: short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps
2011/01/20 ECON 3 amendments...
source: PE-456.773
2011/01/26 ECON 4 amendments...
source: PE-456.805
7 2010/0275(COD) European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA): further development
2011/09/29 ITRE 7 amendments...
source: PE-472.314
1 2010/0276(CNS) Economic governance: implementation of the excessive deficit procedure. 'Six pack'
2011/02/15 ECON 1 amendments...
source: PE-458.575
3 2010/0278(COD) Economic governance: effective enforcement of budgetary surveillance in the euro area. 'Six pack'
2011/02/16 ECON 3 amendments...
source: PE-458.626
2 2010/0280(COD) Economic governance: strengthening of surveillance of budgetary positions and surveillance and coordination of economic policies. 'Six pack'
2011/02/15 ECON 2 amendments...
source: PE-458.763
1 2010/0281(COD) Economic governance: prevention and correction of macroeconomic imbalances. 'Six pack'
2011/02/16 ECON 1 amendments...
source: PE-458.584
25 2010/0306(NLE) Management of spent fuel and radioactive waste: EU legal framework
2011/04/15 ITRE 24 amendments...
source: PE-462.870
2011/04/26 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-462.874
6 2010/0363(COD) Energy market integrity and transparency
2011/04/18 ECON 1 amendments...
source: PE-462.894
2011/04/27 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-464.684
2011/05/05 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-464.685
2 2010/0821(NLE) Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU): stability mechanism for Member States whose currency is the euro (amend. Article 136 TFEU)
2011/04/02 ECON 2 amendments...
source: PE-458.473
4 2010/2008(INI) Derivatives markets: future policy actions
2010/04/13 ECON 4 amendments...
source: PE-440.018
2 2010/2010(INI) Developing the job potential of a new sustainable economy
2010/05/18 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-441.372
5 2010/2038(INI) Long-term sustainability of public finances for a recovering economy
2010/09/03 ECON 5 amendments...
source: PE-439.430
6 2010/2072(INI) Funding and functioning of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
2010/09/06 ECON 6 amendments...
source: PE-442.842
8 2010/2075(INI) Regulation of trading in financial instruments - "dark pools" etc.
2010/09/28 ECON 8 amendments...
source: PE-448.999
7 2010/2078(INI) ECB annual report for 2009
2010/09/16 ECON 7 amendments...
source: PE-448.904
2 2010/2087(INI) EU Strategy for the Black Sea
2010/10/13 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-448.953
17 2010/2095(INI) Industrial Policy for the globalised era
2010/11/16 ITRE 17 amendments...
source: PE-452.697
14 2010/2099(INI) Improving the economic governance and stability framework of the Union, in particular in the euro area
2010/10/09 ECON 14 amendments...
source: PE-448.796
1 2010/2104(INI) Efficiency and effectiveness of EU funding in the area of decommissioning nuclear power plants in the new Member States
2011/03/02 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-458.492
19 2010/2105(INI) Innovative financing at a global and European level
2010/10/13 ITRE 5 amendments...
source: PE-450.834
2010/11/16 ECON 14 amendments...
source: PE-452.656
7 2010/2106(INI) Commission Green Paper "On forest protection and information in the EU: preparing forests for climate change"
2010/10/14 ITRE 7 amendments...
source: PE-448.964
11 2010/2107(INI) Revision of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan
2010/11/10 ITRE 5 amendments...
source: PE-450.651
2010/12/10 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-450.652
12 2010/2108(INI) Towards a new Energy Strategy for Europe 2011 - 2020
2010/09/14 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-448.780
2010/09/15 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-448.829
6 2010/2137(INI) Report on competition policy 2009
2010/12/10 ECON 6 amendments...
source: PE-450.582
7 2010/2302(INI) Credit rating agencies: future perspectives
2011/01/20 ECON 7 amendments...
source: PE-454.677
3 2010/2304(INI) European broadband: investing in digitally driven growth
2011/03/25 ITRE 3 amendments...
source: PE-460.941
23 2011/0172(COD) Energy efficiency
2011/11/16 ITRE 11 amendments...
source: PE-475.873
2011/11/17 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-475.932
2011/11/18 ITRE 5 amendments...
source: PE-475.983
2011/11/22 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-475.997
13 2011/0261(CNS) Common system of financial transaction tax
2012/02/10 ECON, ECON 12 amendments...
source: PE-480.888
2012/08/03 ECON 1 amendments...
source: PE-483.829
5 2011/0300(COD) Trans-European energy infrastructure: guidelines
2012/11/04 ECON 5 amendments...
source: PE-487.699
14 2011/2011(INI) Global Economic Governance
2011/05/24 ECON 14 amendments...
source: PE-465.018
6 2011/2012(INI) Analysis of options to move beyond 20% greenhouse gas emission reductions and assessing the risk of carbon leakage
2011/03/22 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-460.884
3 2011/2019(BUD) 2012 budget: mandate for the trilogue
2011/11/05 ITRE 3 amendments...
source: PE-464.736
12 2011/2034(INI) Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond
2011/03/28 ITRE 12 amendments...
source: PE-460.899
2 2011/2048(INI) Modernisation of public procurement
2011/06/16 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-464.983
2 2011/2056(INI) Effective Raw Materials Strategy for Europe
2011/04/18 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-462.749
5 2011/2082(INI) Future of VAT
2011/05/07 ECON 5 amendments...
source: PE-467.220
3 2011/2095(INI) Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050
2011/10/17 ITRE 3 amendments...
source: PE-473.944
6 2011/2156(INI) ECB annual report for 2010
2011/08/09 ECON 6 amendments...
source: PE-472.106
2 2011/2271(INI) Annual tax report
2011/11/23 ECON 2 amendments...
source: PE-473.965
3 2011/2288(INI) Attractiveness of investing in Europe
2012/03/05 ECON 3 amendments...
source: PE-487.746
6 2012/2028(INI) Feasibility of introducing stability bonds
2012/12/07 ECON 6 amendments...
source: PE-492.874
4 2012/2134(INI) Improving access to finance for SMEs
2012/10/19 ECON 4 amendments...
source: PE-496.550
3 2012/2151(INI) Towards a genuine Economic and Monetary Union
2012/09/26 ECON 3 amendments...
source: PE-496.519
20 2013/0045(CNS) Implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax (FTT)
2013/03/19 ECON, ECON 20 amendments...
source: PE-507.928
6 2013/0253(COD) Single Resolution Mechanism and Single Resolution Fund: uniform rules and procedure for the resolution of credit institutions and certain investment firms
2013/10/22 ECON 6 amendments...
source: PE-521.793
2 2013/2076(INI) European Central Bank. Annual report for 2012
2013/07/12 ECON 2 amendments...
source: PE-516.605
2 2013/2134(INI) European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2013 priorities
2013/07/17 ECON 2 amendments...
source: PE-516.691
26 2013/2157(INI) European semester for economic policy coordination: annual growth survey 2014
2014/01/09 ECON 26 amendments...
source: PE-526.278
9 2013/2277(INI) Enquiry report on the role and operations of the Troika (ECB, Commission and IMF) with regard to the euro area programme countries
2014/02/03 ECON 9 amendments...
source: PE-528.079


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