Emilian PAVEL

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  • Partidul Social Democrat 2014/11/01 - 9999/12/31


  • icon: RO Romania icon: S&D S&D Member Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament 2014/11/01 - 9999/12/31


Member of Committee on Employment and Social Affairs 2017/01/19 9999/12/31
Member of Special committee on financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance 2018/03/14 9999/12/31
Substitute of Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs 2017/01/19 9999/12/31
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Member of Delegation for relations with Israel 2014/11/26 9999/12/31
Member of Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean 2014/11/26 9999/12/31
Substitute of Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee 2014/11/24 9999/12/31



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  • European Parliament
  • Rue Wiertz
  • Altiero Spinelli 10G210
  • 1047 Brussels


Shadow 2018/2053(INI) Role of employee financial participation in creating jobs and reactivating the unemployed
Opinion 2018/0191(COD) Erasmus programme for education, training, youth and sport 2021–2027
Opinion 2018/0064(COD) European Labour Authority
Shadow 2017/2002(INI) New skills agenda for Europe
Responsible 2017/0179(NLE) EU/Barbados Agreement: short-stay visa waiver
Responsible 2017/0176(NLE) EU/Saint Kitts and Nevis Agreement: short-stay visa waiver
Responsible 2017/0171(NLE) EU/Antigua and Barbuda Agreement: short-stay visa waiver
Responsible 2017/0169(NLE) EU/Bahamas Agreement: short-stay visa waiver
Responsible 2017/0168(NLE) EU/Seychelles Agreement: short-stay visa waiver
Responsible 2017/0167(NLE) EU/Mauritius Agreement: short-stay visa waiver
Shadow 2016/0412(COD) Mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders
Shadow 2016/0257(COD) European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
Opinion 2015/2327(INI) Erasmus+
Shadow 2015/2320(INI) How best to harness the job creation potential of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)?


1983/10/25 Salonta


56 2011/0023(COD) Use of passenger name record (PNR) data for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and serious crime
2015/04/20 LIBE 56 amendments...
source: PE-554.742
18 2013/0255(APP) European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO)
2015/01/28 LIBE 18 amendments...
source: PE-546.850
8 2014/0002(COD) European network of employment services (EURES), workers' access to mobility services and further integration of labour markets
2015/02/05 EMPL 8 amendments...
source: PE-546.826
9 2014/0091(COD) Activities and supervision of institutions for occupational retirement provision (IORPs). Recast
2015/03/25 EMPL 9 amendments...
source: PE-551.970
8 2014/0094(COD) Union Code on Visas (Visa Code). Recast
2015/09/29 LIBE 8 amendments...
source: PE-567.808
3 2014/0108(COD) Personal protective equipment
2015/03/04 EMPL 3 amendments...
source: PE-549.449
2 2014/0120(COD) Single-member private limited liability companies
1 2014/0202(COD) International protection: Member State responsible for examining the application of unaccompanied minors
2015/02/05 LIBE 1 amendments...
source: PE-546.820
12 2014/2145(INI) Review of the economic governance framework: stocktaking and challenges
2015/02/02 EMPL 12 amendments...
source: PE-546.881
2 2014/2152(INI) EU strategy for equality between women and men post 2015
2015/02/10 EMPL 2 amendments...
source: PE-549.162
9 2014/2160(INI) Application of Directive 2006/54/EC on the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation
2015/04/07 EMPL 9 amendments...
source: PE-554.695
7 2014/2208(INI) Resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy
2015/04/09 EMPL 7 amendments...
source: PE-554.627
16 2014/2210(INI) Family businesses in Europe
2015/04/20 EMPL 8 amendments...
source: PE-554.825
2015/05/06 EMPL 8 amendments...
source: PE-554.825
10 2014/2228(INI) Recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
2015/03/09 EMPL 10 amendments...
source: PE-551.779
10 2014/2235(INI) Creating a competitive EU labour market for the 21st century: matching skills and qualifications with demand and job opportunities, as a way to recover from the crisis
2015/05/08 EMPL 10 amendments...
source: PE-557.150
3 2014/2238(INI) Green employment initiative: tapping into the job creation potential of the green economy
2015/04/17 EMPL 3 amendments...
source: PE-554.848
7 2014/2247(INI) Cohesion policy and marginalised communities
2015/05/19 EMPL 7 amendments...
source: PE-557.225
24 2014/2254(INI) Situation of fundamental rights in the European Union (2013-2014)
2015/04/30 LIBE 7 amendments...
source: PE-554.999
2015/05/11 LIBE 5 amendments...
source: PE-554.998
2015/05/12 LIBE 5 amendments...
source: PE-554.998
2015/05/18 LIBE 1 amendments...
source: PE-546.794
2015/05/19 LIBE 6 amendments...
source: PE-554.999
13 2015/0009(COD) European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)
2015/03/06 EMPL 13 amendments...
source: PE-551.778
2 2015/0026(COD) Youth Employment Initiative: additional initial prefinancing amount paid to operational programmes
2015/03/13 EMPL 2 amendments...
source: PE-549.461
37 2015/0281(COD) Combating terrorism
2016/04/08 LIBE 19 amendments...
source: PE-580.621
2016/04/12 LIBE 18 amendments...
source: PE-580.626
5 2015/0287(COD) Contracts for the supply of digital content
2016/09/01 LIBE 5 amendments...
source: PE-587.642
4 2015/0310(COD) European Border and Coast Guard
2016/04/21 LIBE 4 amendments...
source: PE-582.066
23 2015/2006(INI) Promoting youth entrepreneurship through education and training
2015/05/08 EMPL 15 amendments...
source: PE-557.041
2015/05/27 CULT 8 amendments...
source: PE-557.182
4 2015/2007(INI) Gender equality and empowering women in the digital age
2015/12/14 EMPL 4 amendments...
source: PE-573.140
1 2015/2012(BUD) 2016 budget: estimates of revenue and expenditure, Section I - Parliament
2015/03/20 BUDG 1 amendments...
source: PE-552.012
6 2015/2038(INI) Implementation of the 2010 recommendations of Parliament on social and environmental standards, human rights and corporate responsibility
2016/02/22 EMPL 6 amendments...
source: PE-577.071
45 2015/2062(INI) Prisons' systems and conditions
2017/05/10 LIBE 45 amendments...
source: PE-604.680
7 2015/2074(BUD) 2016 budget: mandate for the trilogue
2015/05/13 EMPL 7 amendments...
source: PE-557.199
22 2015/2088(INI) Skills policies for fighting youth unemployment
2015/09/21 EMPL 22 amendments...
source: PE-567.581
3 2015/2094(INI) Women domestic workers and carers in the EU
2015/09/28 EMPL 3 amendments...
source: PE-567.799
13 2015/2103(INL) Civil law rules on robotics
2016/09/08 EMPL 13 amendments...
source: PE-587.657
12 2015/2110(INI) Fight against corruption and follow-up of the CRIM committee resolution
2016/06/02 LIBE 6 amendments...
source: PE-584.102
2016/07/04 LIBE 6 amendments...
source: PE-584.102
8 2015/2118(INI) Implementation of the Directive 2011/36/EU on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting its victims from a gender perspective
2016/02/24 LIBE 8 amendments...
source: PE-578.516
63 2015/2147(INI)
2015/10/20 LIBE 34 amendments...
source: PE-569.837
2015/10/21 ITRE, IMCO 25 amendments...
source: PE-569.784
2015/10/22 ITRE, IMCO 4 amendments...
source: PE-569.786
30 2015/2226(INI) How can the CAP improve job creation in rural areas?
2016/04/13 EMPL 15 amendments...
source: PE-580.514
2016/04/14 EMPL 15 amendments...
source: PE-580.514
12 2015/2255(INI) Social dumping in the European Union
2016/02/25 EMPL 12 amendments...
source: PE-575.343
40 2015/2257(INI)
2015/11/20 EMPL 20 amendments...
source: PE-571.689
2015/12/01 EMPL 20 amendments...
source: PE-571.689
108 2015/2320(INI) How best to harness the job creation potential of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)?
2016/04/28 EMPL 54 amendments...
source: PE-582.164
2016/05/13 EMPL 54 amendments...
source: PE-582.164
18 2015/2324(INI) EU strategy for the Alpine region
2016/03/03 EMPL 18 amendments...
source: PE-578.656
25 2015/2327(INI) Erasmus+
2016/10/03 EMPL 25 amendments...
source: PE-589.405
21 2015/2340(INI) Fight against trafficking in human beings in the EU's external relations
2016/04/06 LIBE 21 amendments...
source: PE-580.575
6 2015/2345(INI)
2016/04/22 EMPL 6 amendments...
source: PE-582.108
1 2016/0002(COD) European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS): exchange of information on third country nationals
2016/04/20 LIBE 1 amendments...
source: PE-582.051
25 2016/0070(COD) Posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services
2017/03/08 EMPL 18 amendments...
source: PE-601.026
2017/03/27 IMCO 7 amendments...
source: PE-601.225
1 2016/0133(COD) Criteria and mechanisms for determining the Member State responsible for examining an application for international protection lodged in one of the Member States by a third-country national or a stateless person. Recast
2017/05/05 LIBE 1 amendments...
source: PE-602.909
39 2016/0151(COD) Audiovisual media services: changing market realities
2016/12/02 ENVI 11 amendments...
source: PE-595.453
2016/12/06 LIBE 28 amendments...