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Responsible 2006/2169(DEC) 2005 discharge: 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th European Development Funds EDF
Responsible 2006/2169(DEC) 2005 discharge: 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th European Development Funds EDF


1936/03/29 Randers


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CV/0 deleted Bachelor of commerce (accountancy) (1961); Master's degree in political and economic science (1967). Civil servant, Budget Department of Finance Ministry (1967-1968 and 1987-1995). Member of Tax Tribunal (1974-1989). Chairman of the Board of KTAS (1982-1992) and board member of a number of other companies (since 1980). Member of the Board of Governors of Denmark's National Bank (1985-1987). Budgetary Adviser with Denmark's Permanent Representation to the EU (1995-1999).
CV/1 deleted Member of Executive Social Democratic Party in Copenhagen (1962-1966 and 1968-1987); member of National Executive of Social Democratic Party (1967-1968 and 1981-1982). Member of Danish TUC's Executive Committee (1981-1982). Member of the Executive Committee of the Labour Movement's Economic Council (1981-1982). Member of the Folketing (1968-1987). Member of several Folketing committees, including the Political and Economic Affairs Committee; Chairman of the Folketing's Environment and Planning Committee; Vice-Chairman of the Folketing's Market Relations and Finance Committees. Member of the European Parliament (since 1999). Vice-Chairman of the Union for Europe of the Nations Group (since 1999).
CV/2 deleted Works published: Eight books including Grækenland, Kongeligt Diktatur eller Folkestyre (1967) and Danmark ved en Korsvej (1996).
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