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Shadow 2013/2080(INI) Regulatory framework for electronic communications. Implementation report
Shadow 2013/2053(INI) Opinion on the evaluation report regarding BEREC and the Office
Opinion 2012/2308(INI) Location of the seats of the European Union's institutions
Opinion 2012/2295(INI) Innovating for sustainable growth: a bioeconomy for Europe
Opinion 2012/2104(INI) Improving the delivery of benefits from EU environment measures: building confidence through better knowledge and responsiveness
Responsible 2011/2317(INI) Annual Report of the activities of the Committee on Petitions 2011
Opinion 2011/2025(INI) Comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union
Shadow 2011/0414(CNS) Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation 2014-2020
Shadow 2011/0387(COD) European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): strategic innovation agenda 2014-2020
Shadow 2011/0384(COD) European Institute of Innovation and Technology 2014-2020
Responsible 2011/0363(NLE) Nuclear decommissioning assistance programmes in Bulgaria and Slovakia 2014-2020
Shadow 2011/0225(NLE) Radioactive materials: system for registration of carriers
Shadow 2011/0187(COD) Roaming on public mobile communications networks within the Union. Recast
Shadow 2010/2304(INI) European broadband: investing in digitally driven growth
Opinion 2010/2272(INI) Mobility and inclusion of people with disabilities and the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020
Opinion 2010/2016(INI) Guaranteeing independent impact assessments
Responsible 2010/0275(COD) European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA): further development
Responsible 2010/0274(COD) European Network and Information Security Agency ENISA: duration (amend. Regulation (EC) No 460/2004)
Opinion 2009/2153(INI) Report on the Commission Green Paper on the management of bio-waste in the European Union
Shadow 2009/0070(COD) European Earth monitoring programme (GMES) and its initial operations 2011–2013
Shadow 2008/0222(COD) Energy-related products: indication of the consumption of energy (repeal. 'Energy Labelling Directive' 92/75/EEC). Recast
Responsible 2007/0197(COD) Electricity and gas market: Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Third Energy Package
Opinion 2006/2247(INI) Macro-economic impact of the increase in the price of energy
Responsible 2006/0141(CNS) EC/Republic of Korea agreement: agreement for scientific and technological cooperation
Responsible 2006/0115(CNS) GALILEO, satellite radionavigation programme: amendment of the Statutes in order to provide that the undertaking will cease to operate on 31 December 2006 (amend. Regulation (EC) No 876/2002)
Responsible 2006/0111(CNS) Research and development: renew and modify the EC/Australia, Canada, USA, Norway, Switzerland, Korea, Japan agreements, intelligent manufacturing systems
Responsible 2006/0090(CNS) Satellite radio-navigation: structures for the management of the European programmes (amend. Regulation (EC) No 1321/2004)
Opinion 2005/0227(COD) Medicinal products for human use: advanced therapy medicinal products (amend. Directive 2001/83/EC, Regulation (EC) No 726/2004)
Responsible 2005/0178(AVC) Energy Community Treaty: conclusion
Responsible 2005/0147(COD) Radiocommunications, broadcasting, transport: coordinated introduction of pan-European land-based public radio paging (repeal. Directive 90/544/EEC)
Responsible 2005/0144(COD) Information society, eEurope: good practices and network security, extension of the MODINIS programme in 2006 (amend. Decision 2256/2003/EC)
Responsible 2005/0135(CNS) Euratom/Switzerland agreement: scientific and technological cooperation, 6th Framework Programmes and European Research Area
Responsible 2004/0274(CNS) EC/Mexico agreement: scientific and technological cooperation agreement
Responsible 2004/0216(CNS) EC/Brazil agreement: scientific and technological cooperation agreement
Opinion 2004/0123(COD) Inland waterway transport: River Traffic Information Services RIS for safety, security and efficiency of inland navigation
Opinion 2004/0031(COD) Maritime transport: enhancing port security
Responsible 2003/0301(COD) Internal market for electricity: safeguard security of supplies, infrastructure investment
Opinion 2002/0240(COD) Company law: takeover bids
Responsible 2001/2071(COS) Energy : European strategy for the security of supply. Green Paper
Responsible 2000/0233(COD) Measuring instruments: trading transactions and use of legally controlled instruments
Responsible 1998/2196(COS) Community energy policy: strengthening environmental integration
Responsible 1998/2024(INI) The decommissioning of nuclear power stations and other nuclear installations
Opinion 1996/2173(COS) Air pollution: control of atmospheric emissions from road transport (Programme Auto/oil)
Responsible 1995/2269(COS) European Community gas supply and prospects
Opinion 1994/2127(COS) An industrial competitiveness policy for the European Union
Responsible 1994/2036(COS) Development issues and Objective 1 structural measures in Portugal. Report


1946/07/29 London


4 2009/0070(COD) European Earth monitoring programme (GMES) and its initial operations 2011–2013
2009/12/17 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-431.026
1 2009/0108(COD) Energy policy: measures to safeguard security of gas supply (repeal. Directive 2004/67/EC)
2010/01/19 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-438.187
11 2009/2225(INI) Defining a new Digital Agenda for Europe: from i2010 to
2010/02/25 ITRE 11 amendments...
source: PE-439.243
19 2010/0252(COD) Radio spectrum policy: first programme
2011/03/14 ITRE 19 amendments...
source: PE-460.615
127 2010/0275(COD) European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA): further development
2011/09/02 ITRE, ITRE 123 amendments...
source: PE-470.059
2011/09/29 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-472.314
3 2010/0363(COD) Energy market integrity and transparency
2011/04/27 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-464.684
2011/05/05 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-464.685
2 2010/2051(INI) Future of European standardisation
2010/06/25 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-443.134
1 2010/2301(INI) EU and China: unbalanced trade?
2011/10/17 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-473.926
1 2011/0167(NLE) EU/Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and United States Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
2012/07/05 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-487.983
79 2011/0172(COD) Energy efficiency
2011/11/16 ITRE 21 amendments...
source: PE-475.873
2011/11/17 ITRE 20 amendments...
source: PE-475.932
2011/11/18 ITRE 11 amendments...
source: PE-475.982
2011/11/22 ITRE 27 amendments...
source: PE-475.997
5 2011/0187(COD) Roaming on public mobile communications networks within the Union. Recast
2011/12/21 ITRE 5 amendments...
source: PE-478.630
1 2011/0225(NLE) Radioactive materials: system for registration of carriers
2013/06/11 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-513.243
9 2011/0238(COD) Member States/third countries intergovernmental agreements in the field of energy: information exchange mechanism
2012/01/19 ITRE 9 amendments...
source: PE-480.533
25 2011/0363(NLE) Nuclear decommissioning assistance programmes in Bulgaria and Slovakia 2014-2020
2012/07/16 ITRE, ITRE 25 amendments...
source: PE-491.251
1 2011/0384(COD) European Institute of Innovation and Technology 2014-2020
2012/10/07 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-492.618
14 2011/0387(COD) European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): strategic innovation agenda 2014-2020
2012/06/29 ITRE 14 amendments...
source: PE-492.619
16 2011/0401(COD) Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation 2014-2020
2012/02/07 ITRE 6 amendments...
source: PE-492.761
2012/03/07 ITRE 7 amendments...
source: PE-492.790
2012/06/29 ITRE 3 amendments...
source: PE-492.656
16 2011/0402(CNS) Specific programme implementing the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020
2012/04/07 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-492.815
2012/05/07 ITRE 11 amendments...
source: PE-492.814
2012/07/17 ITRE 1 amendments...
source: PE-492.826
3 2011/0414(CNS) Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation 2014-2020
2012/06/09 ITRE 3 amendments...
source: PE-491.225
4 2011/2034(INI) Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond
2011/03/28 ITRE 4 amendments...
source: PE-462.547
2 2011/2080(ACI) Financial framework 2007-2013: additional financing needs of the ITER project (amend. Interinstitutional Agreement of 17 May 2006 on budgetary discipline and sound financial management)
2011/10/18 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-474.005
44 2012/0011(COD) Personal data protection: processing and free movement of data (General Data Protection Regulation)
2012/12/20 ITRE 5 amendments...
source: PE-502.053
2012/12/21 ITRE 29 amendments...
source: PE-502.055
2013/09/01 ITRE 10 amendments...
source: PE-502.174
23 2012/0288(COD) Fuels and energy from renewable sources: transition to biofuels to deliver greenhouse gas savings
2013/05/08 ITRE 23 amendments...
source: PE-510.481
7 2012/2103(INI) Energy roadmap 2050, a future with energy
2012/01/10 ITRE 7 amendments...
source: PE-496.406
15 2012/2259(INI) Current challenges and opportunities for renewable energy on the European internal energy market
2012/12/20 ITRE 15 amendments...
source: PE-500.604
17 2013/0080(COD) Measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks
2013/10/09 ITRE 17 amendments...
source: PE-519.832
52 2013/0309(COD) European single market for electronic communications
2013/12/19 ITRE 52 amendments...
source: PE-524.835
14 2013/0340(NLE) Community framework for the nuclear safety of nuclear installations
2014/02/19 ITRE 14 amendments...
source: PE-529.779
9 2013/2006(INI) Reindustrialising Europe to promote competitiveness and sustainability
2013/08/09 ITRE 2 amendments...
source: PE-516.804
2013/08/13 ITRE 7 amendments...
source: PE-516.811


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CV/0 deleted Studied at Oxford University 1965-68: MA (Hons) (Geography) (1972). Worked in publishing at the University of London Press and Hodder and Stoughton Ltd (1968-1969). In Francis Chichester Ltd: Production Manager (1969); Director (1971); General Manager (1972); Managing Director (1983); Chairman, (1989). Non-Executive Director, Mediterranean Charter Services, Ltd (1973-1979). Non-Executive Director, Orrin and Geer Ltd - Bookbinders (1974-1981). Director, Goodwin and Chichester Ltd, New Zealand (1975-1993) and Guildford Timber Co. Ltd, New Zealand (1975- ). Director, Silverstream Forests Ltd, New Zealand (1986- ).
CV/1 deleted Chairman, Hammersmith Conservative Association (1984-1987). Chairman, London West Conservative European Constituency Council (1987-1988). Member, Conservative National Union Executive Committee (1988-1990, 1997-1998).
CV/2 deleted Member of the European Parliament since 1994.
CV/3 deleted Has served on many voluntary bodies such as school governing bodies, charities, clubs. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Chairman European Energy Forum (2004 - ).
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