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Responsible 2007/2101(INI) A Black Sea Regional Policy Approach
Responsible 2007/2101(INI) Black Sea regional policy approach


1976/03/27 Ploieşti


1 2017/2056(INI) Negotiations on the EU-Azerbaijan Comprehensive Agreement. Recommendations to the Council, the Commission and the EEAS
2018/04/13 AFET 1 amendments...
source: PE-620.847


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CV/0 deleted Mihai Viteazul secondary school (academic school) (Ploieşti, 1994). Faculty of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work at the University of Bucharest - Department of Sociology (1998). Further studies at the Faculty of Political Science, Department of European Studies at the University of Bucharest. Honorary citizen of the city of District Heights, Maryland, USA; honorary citizen of the state of Nebraska, USA.
CV/1 deleted Youth Academy seminar (Budapest, 1995); School for Young Political Leaders, organised by the Foundation for Pluralism and the Westminster Foundation, UK (Sinaia, 1995-1996); Week of Tolerance, Truth and Hope programme, organised by the Ministry of Youth (Costineşti, 1997); 'British Social and Political System', organised by the Westminster Foundation (Blackpool, 1999); local seminar 'Women can succeed', organised by the Equal Opportunities Foundation (Ploieşti, 2002); course on 'The Citizens' Agenda and the Political Agenda', organised by the Foundation for Pluralism and National Endowment for Democracy (Bucharest, 2002); course on election campaign management, organised by the US National Democratic Institute (Bucharest, 2003); Romania in the United States programme, organised by the American Council for Young Political Leaders, United States, and the Foundation for Pluralism (USA, 2004); programme to prepare Romanian members of parliament for the status of observer in the European Parliament (Brussels, 2005); training programme on the subject of European Parliament officials, organised by the École Nationale d'Administration (ENA) (Strasbourg, 2005-2006).
CV/2 deleted Assistant researcher at the Centre for Political Studies and Comparative Analysis (1994-1996). Company director-general (1996-1999). Company public relations director (1999-2000). Adviser to the minister in the Ministry of Transport (2000). Parliamentary expert in the Romanian Parliament (2001). Vice-President of the Romania Youth Council (CTR) (2001-2003). Member of the CTR-Ministry of Youth and Sport joint monitoring group (2002-2003). Contributor to the Subcommittee on Equal Opportunities (2002). Company director-general (2002-2004). Member of the Romanian Parliament (December 2004). Observer in the European Parliament (September 2005).
CV/3 deleted Member of the youth organisation of the Prahova Democratic Party (1991); member of the permanent local office - youth organisation (1993); spokeswoman for the Prahova Democratic Party (1994); Vice-President of the Prahova youth organisation (1995); member of the permanent national office of the youth organisation (1996); Vice-President of the Democratic Party national youth organisation (1997); Democratic Party candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in the Bucharest constituency (2000); Vice-President of the Romania Youth Council (2001); Vice-President of the permanent municipal office - Ploieşti, coordinator in the Image Department, Relations with the Media and spokeswoman (2001); Vice-President of the Prahova Democratic Party, coordinator in the Image Department, Relations with the Media and spokeswoman (2001); Vice-President of the Organisation of Democratic Women, coordinator in the Strategy and Political Relations Department (2002); executive secretary of the permanent national office of the Democratic Party (2003-); coordinator in the monitoring division of the national executive campaign structures for the local elections (2004); Democratic Party candidate for the Chamber of Deputies, number 1 on the list of the Justice and Truth Alliance in the Prahova constituency; president of the Prahova Democratic Party organisation (2006-).
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