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Dossier Forecasts Stage Reached Legal Basis Name Committee Dossier Rapporteur Commission Doc
2013/0433(COD) Awaiting Council 1st reading position / budgetary conciliation convocation RoP 055, TFEU TFEU 043-p2 Cloning of animals of the bovine, porcine, ovine, caprine and equine species kept and reproduced for farming purposes CJ14/8/02399 SOMMER Renate (EPP), MOI Giulia (EFD)MOI Giulia (EFD)SOMMER Renate (EPP), MOI Giulia (EFD) COM(2013)0892
2014/2604(RSP) Awaiting Parliament 1st reading / single reading / budget 1st stage RoP 115-p5 Plant reproductive material
2014/0100(COD) Awaiting Parliament 1st reading / single reading / budget 1st stage TFEU TFEU 042-p1-a1, TFEU TFEU 043-p2 Organic production and labelling of organic products AGRI/8/00399 HÄUSLING Martin (Verts/ALE) COM(2014)0180
2016/0252(NLE) Awaiting final decision EU/Iceland agreement: protection of geographical indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs INTA/8/07614 BORRELLI David (EFD) 11782/2016
2016/0293(NLE) Awaiting final decision TFEU TFEU 207-p4, TFEU TFEU 218-p6a EU/Iceland agreement: additional trade preferences in agricultural products INTA/8/07798 BORRELLI David (EFD) 12146/2016
2015/0203(NLE) Preparatory phase in Parliament TFEU TFEU 207-p4, TFEU TFEU 218-p6a, TFEU TFEU 218-p7 EU/Morocco Agreement: protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products, processed agricultural products, fish and fishery products and amending the EC/Morocco Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement LALONDE Patricia (ALDE) COM(2015)0446
2013/0434(APP) Preparatory phase in Parliament TFEU TFEU 352-p1sub1 Placing on the market of food from animal clones MOI Giulia (EFD) COM(2013)0893

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