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Dossier Forecasts Stage Reached Legal Basis Name Committee Dossier Rapporteur Commission Doc
2016/0360B(COD) Awaiting Parliament 1st reading / single reading / budget 1st stage Capital Requirements Regulation: transitional arrangements for mitigating the impact of the introduction of IFRS 9 on own funds and the large exposures treatment of certain public sector exposures denominated in non-domestic currencies of Member States ECON/8/10002 SIMON Peter (S&D) COM(2016)0850
2016/0208(COD) Awaiting Parliament 1st reading / single reading / budget 1st stage RoP 055, TFEU TFEU 050, TFEU TFEU 114 Prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing: transparency of financial transactions and of corporate entities CJ12/8/08086 KARIŅŠ Krišjānis (EPP), SARGENTINI Judith (Verts/ALE)KARIŅŠ Krišjānis (EPP), SARGENTINI Judith (Verts/ALE) COM(2016)0450
2013/0045(CNS) Awaiting final decision TFEU TFEU 113 Implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax (FTT) ECON/7/11981 PODIMATA Anni (S&D) COM(2013)0071
2017/0359(COD) Preparatory phase in Parliament TFEU TFEU 114 Prudential requirements of investment firms COM(2017)0790
2018/2547(DEA) Preparatory phase in Parliament Procedures for excluding transactions with non-financial counterparties established in a third country from the own funds requirement for credit valuation adjustment risk

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