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Coordinators' meeting
Adoption of draft agenda (1) OJ– PE 603.048
Approval of minutes of the meeting of: · 28 February 2017 · 22 -23 March 2017 PV–PE 601.031-601.267 FdR 1121532 - 1121031 + annexes
Chair's announcements
Any other business
Petition 1236/2015 by Bronis Ropė (Lithuanian) bearing 4500 signatures, on concerns about the dairy sector in Lithuania (possibly in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 587,754 FdR 1103233
Petition 0967/2016 by Detlef Wellbrock (German) on behalf of the local authority of Loxstedt (rural district of Cuxhaven) on the economic impact of low milk prices on the dairy industry in the region CM– PE 601,000 FdR 1118838
Petition 1199/2016 by Jörg Prahl (German) on the rejection of his application for aid for milk production reduction sir1199-16
Petition 0392/2015 by P. S. (British) on behalf of the organisation ‘Compassion in World Farming’, including signatures of 18 organisations promoting animal welfare; welfare of dairy cows. (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 578,635/REV FdR 1122371
Fact-finding Visit to Sweden (21.02.2017) (deadline for AM on the recommendations : 2.05.2017 at 15:00 / vote : 30.05.2017) - consideration of the draft report CR– PE 601.199 FdR 1120342
Chair's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions
Opinion on Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of decisions in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility, and on international child abduction (recast) ( 2016/0190(CNS) ) (for JURI) Rapporteur : CABEZON RUIZ (S-D) (deadline for AM : 9 .03.2017 at 15:00 / vote : 25.04.2017) - adoption of a draft opinion PA– PE 597.699 FdR 1115572 AM– PE 601.144 FdR 1119911
Final report of the Working Group on Child Welfare Issues (deadline for AM on the recommendations : 29.03.2017 at 15:00 / vote : 25.04.2017) - adoption of the draft report DT/CR– PE 601.177 FdR 1120180 AM– PE 602.844 FdR 1122305
Petition 0172/2016 by J. M. (Spanish) on reductions to the degree of disability in the Autonomous Community of Valencia (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 587,544 FdR 1102160 OpinionValencia
Petition 0930/2016 by David Hammerstein Mintz (Spanish) on the swift ratification, implementation and application of the Marrakesh Treaty (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 600,998 FdR 1118835
Petition 0986/2015 by A.C.D. (Italian) on recognition of civil disability and handicaps in the National Science Qualification (ASN), as a prerequisite for university entrance examinations CM– PE 587,591 FdR 1102208
- Statement by 1st Vice-President Frans Timmermans - Exchange of views with the Members
Petition 0510/2013 by Iwona Hypsior-Bąk (Polish), on behalf of F.H.U. IWITRANS, on the misspending of EU funding in road-building projects CM– PE 544,420 FdR 1044188
Petition 0907/2009 by Javier Castroviejo, on behalf of Club de Doñana (Spanish), on the deterioration of conditions in the Doñana National Park CM– PE 450,768/REV.III FdR 1102120
Petition 0051/2013 by Pedro Jiménez San José (Spanish), on behalf of Izquierda Unida de Huelva, on the approval of projects involving the extraction, storage and transport of natural gas in Doñana (Huelva), a Natura2000 network area (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 0085/2013 by Aurelio González Peris (Spanish), on behalf of Asociación Mesa de la Ría de Huelva, on the approval of projects involving the extraction, storage and transport of natural gas in Doñana (Huelva), a Natura2000 network area (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 0257/2013 by A.P.P. (Spanish), bearing 2 signatures, on the approval of projects involving the extraction, storage and transport of natural gas in Doñana (Huelva), a Natura2000 network area CM– PE 537,216/REV FdR 1111698 CM– PE 529,966/REV FdR 1030778
Petition 1362/2015 by Michael Uhlig (German) on a ban on building in Natura 2000 areas in Germany CM– PE 593.905 FdR 1109026
Petition 0434/2016 by J.J.A.G. (Spanish) on the Garoña nuclear power station in Burgos (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 599,530 FdR 1116165
Petition 0302/2013 by Giuseppina Calabro and Paolo Conti (Italian), on behalf of the ‘NO Committee for the Misterbianco landfill’, concerning the ‘Tiriti’ landfill in the municipality of Motta Sant'Anastasia, province of Catania (Sicily) CM– PE 529,974/REV FdR 1048201
Petition 0328/2016 by Serge Le Quéau (French), bearing 12 signatures, on the exposure of agricultural workers to pesticides (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 597,363 FdR 1113393
Petition 2467/2014 by Renaud Le Mailloux (French) on air quality in France (in the presence of the petitioner) CM–PE 580,646 FdR 1091701
Petition 0192/2012 by Jussi Airaksinen (Finnish), on access to documents and environmental information CM– PE 502,136/REV.III FdR 1091344
Petition 0614/2014 by Nikolaos Kaminaris (German and Greek) on the transfer of his pension entitlements CM-PE 575,037 FdR 1082546
Petition 0806/2014 by Brigit Pimm (British), on the ban of import, sale and production of all fur products within the European Union sir0806-14
Petition 0177/2015 by Jacinto Lara Bonilla (Spanish) on behalf of the Spanish Pro-Human Rights Association and the State Coordinator for Support for the Argentinian Complaint on the impunity of Francoist crimes and CM-PE 584,026/REV FdR 1118787 Petition 0199/2015 by A.T.D. (Spanish) on behalf of the Victoria 3 March Victims Association on the incident that took place on 3 March 1976 in Vitoria
Petition 0953/2015 by T. S. (Czech) on returning two small children to their father CM-PE 587,590 FdR 1102207 LT-PL
Petition 0077/2016 by Harald Wiener (German) on behalf of Bürgerverein Allendeviertel Köpenick e.V., on safeguarding the drinking-water supply in Berlin Köpenick CM-PE 593,930/REV FdR 1118795
Petition 0109/2016 by J. C. (Maltese) on problems related to placing a correct name on the EU residency card for non-EU citizens CM-PE 600,968 FdR 1118796
Petition 0174/2016 by Horst Schmidt (German) on behalf of Bürgerinitiative pro Ortsumgehung Waren (citizens’ pressure group for a Waren bypass), on noise pollution and the protection of public health. CM-PE 595,546/REV FdR 1118797
Petition 0248/2016 by Andreas Cichy (German), supported by 480 signatories, on expropriation, pollution and climate change due to lignite mining in Germany CM-PE 600,971 FdR 1118800
Petition 0277/2016 by Guadalupe Gómez (Spanish) on plans to build a jetty at a beach in Sanxenxo, Galicia CM-PE 600,972 FdR 1118801
Petition 0407/2016 by Stephan Klaußner (German) on the regulation and limitation of an internet payment company possibly freezing or temporarily blocking accounts CM-PE 600,973 FdR 1118802
Petition 0420/2016 by Detlef Zöllner (German) on the EU-Turkey agreement on refugees CM-PE 600,974 FdR 1118803
Petition 0440/2016 by Ismael Antonio López Pérez (Spanish), on behalf of the Cova Crea Association, on a high-voltage power line in Fragas de Catasos, in Galicia CM-PE 600,975 FdR 1118804
Petition 0465/2016 by Emanuele Lupo (Italian) regarding a main power line in Montalto Uffugo (Italy) CM-PE 599,532 FdR 1116168 opinionENVI
Petition 0576/2016 by P.H. (Polish) on behalf of T.H. on lack of protection of drivers in Holland as well as lack of information and mistreatment during an arrest due to alleged trafficking illegal immigrants CM-PE 600,978 FdR 1118808
Petition 0608/2016 by W. S. (German) on behalf of Verein Förderung der Filmkultur e. V., backed by 127 signatures, on the consequences of DCI coding for cinemas in the German and European film sector CM-PE 600,979 FdR 1118809
Petition 0692/2016 by S. K. (German) on the disproportionate administrative costs of health insurance when buying medication abroad CM-PE 600,985 FdR 1118816
Petition 0694/2016 by Hans-Christoph Paul (German) on the dominant position of a big PC operating system software company and the alternatives available CM-PE 600,986 FdR 1118817
Petition 0698/2016 by C.R.M. (Spanish) regarding the labelling of products imported from third countries CM-PE 600,987 FdR 1118819 OpinionINTA
Petition 0713/2016 by R.G.B. (German) on the working conditions of professional lorry drivers in Germany CM-PE 600,988 FdR 1118820
Petition 0750/2016 by Alexandru Galusca (Romanian) on behalf of the National Association against Corruption, Abuse, and for Human Rights, regarding refusal to extend some labour contracts within the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia sir0750-16 LT-RO
Petition 0935/2016 by G.F. (Greek) on the refusal of the Gibraltar Medical Registration Board (GMRB) to comply with Directives 2005/36/EC and 93/16/EC CM-PE 600,999 FdR 1118836
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  • 3.05.2016 , 15.00 – 18.30
  • 4.05.2016 , 9.00 – 12.30

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