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Presentation of the Study “The impact of Brexit in relation to the right to petition and on the competences, responsibilities and activities of the Committee on Petitions” by Professor Eleanor Spaventa, Director of the Durham European Law Institute, commissioned by Policy Department C for the Committee on Petitions Study
Remarks by Ms Danuta Hübner, Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs
Petition 0923/2016 by Corinne Byron-Danuser (Belgian) on retaining rights of EU citizens residing in the United Kingdom in case of its withdrawal from the European Union sir
Petition 1419/2016 by Demitrios Paicopolos (Greek) on the rights of EU citizens residing in the United Kingdom after the withdrawal from the European Union sir
Petition 0470/2017 by Ignacio Romero Romero, on behalf of Españoles en Reino Unido - Surviving Brexit (Spanish), bearing 6,139 signatures, on guaranteeing the rights of all EU national residents in the UK and British nationals in the EU post Brexit (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0399/2017 by M.B. (Dutch) on the situation of EU citizens that do not reside in the United Kingdom anymore sir
Petition 0953/2016 by Theodora Georgaki (Greek) on granting EU citizenship to British nationals in partnership with EU nationals in the context of the result of the UK referendum sir
Petition 1522/2016 by Jose Ignacio Rodriguez (Spanish) on the protection of EU-citizenship or acquired rights, post-Brexit, of EU citizens family members who are currently living in UK sir
Petition 0843/2016 by Derek Etherington (British) on a way for UK citizens to choose to keep their EU citizenship in the event of Brexit after an unfair referendum sir
Petition 0528/2016 by H.M. (British) on granting EU Citizenship to UK Citizens who wish to remain in the EU sir
Petition 0790/2016 by Edward Williamson (British) on maintaining EU citizenship for UK citizens (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0844/2016 by Duncan Parker (British) on creating a new category of EU citizenship for UK citizens who voted to remain in the EU sir
Petition 1142/2016 by Jonathan Gutteridge (British) on the lack of any provision in EU law for loss of citizenship when a Member State leaves the European Union (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0803/2016 by L.M. (British) on EU citizenship for British nationals sir
Petition 0847/2016 by Alan Bretman (British) on applications for citizenship of the Union of the UK nationals residing in other Member States sir
Petition 0955/2016 by Kristina Howells (British) on behalf of the British Association of Cote d’Opale, France, on protection of rights of British citizens living in the EU in the event of the UK withdrawal from the EU (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0808/2016 by Denis Hicks (British) on EU citizenship for UK nationals (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 1330/2016 by Geoffrey Owen Steele-Morgan (British) on the rights of British citizens resident in the European Union and EU citizens resident in the UK sir
Petition 0307/2017 by Fiona Godfrey (British), on behalf of the coalition “British in Europe”, on securing the rights of UK nationals in the EU27 and EU27 nationals in the UK post-Brexit (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Chair's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions
Petition 0164/2017 by Ann Clwyd (British) on the rights of EU citizens (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0101/2017 by Tony Venables (British), on behalf of the Foundation on European Citizens’ Rights, Involvement and Trust, on the loss of EU citizenship of 64 million people and the limitation of the rights of other EU citizens as a result of Brexit (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0802/2016 by Robert Wasteney (British) on the revocation of EU Citizenship rights without his consent and the possibility of preserving those rights for those UK citizens that choose to keep them (in the presence of the petitioner or a representative) sir
Petition 0815/2016 by Simon Collcutt (British) on the loss of European citizenship for individuals who have done nothing wrong sir
Petition 0783/2016 by G.D.S. (British) on the consequences of the result of the UK referendum on freedom of movement in the EU sir
Presentation of the Study "First phase priorities for the Brexit negotiations: Citizens' rights" by Dr Laura Tilindyte and Dr Eva-Maria Poptcheva, Policy Analysts at the Members' Research Service, EPRS.
Petition 0832/2016 by Anthony Melia (British) on the establishment of an EU passport scheme for UK citizens and residents losing EU citizenship and residency sir
Petition 0879/2016 by Sophie Leighton (British) on retaining the EU passport and rights as EU citizen in case of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (possibly in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0393/2017 by T.J. (British) on the UK basic state pension (in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 147/2017 by Charlie Kingsbury (British), on behalf of ‘Liberal Youth’, bearing 10.000 signatures, on safeguarding the UK's involvement in Erasmus+ in future Brexit negotiations (possibly in the presence of the petitioner) sir
Petition 0952/2016 by Viv Brown (British) on the alleged penalisation of UK researchers applying for grants under Horizon 2020 sir
Petition 0797/2016 by Maurice Weemhof (Dutch) on vetoing any attempts by the UK to maintain full or partial access to the EU single market sir
Petition 0823/2016 by B. M. (German) on saving the EU after the UK referendum sir
Petition 0842/2016 by Peter Zsolt Votisky (Hungarian/Belgian) on the treatment of the United Kingdom after the referendum on leaving the EU sir
Petition 1121/2016 by M.Q. (British) on negotiations on the United Kingdom’s relationships with the EU after Brexit sir
Petition 0352/2017 by W.E. (German) concerning the future development of the European Union and the status of Great Britain after Brexit sir
Petition 0787/2016 by Frens Dols (Dutch) on a freeze on EU accessions after the UK referendum on leaving the European Union sir
Petition 0788/2016 by J. J. (Irish) on structural funds as a tool for dealing with the social and economic impacts of Brexit sir
Promoting of the use of energy from renewable sources (recast) (2016/0382 (COD)) Rapporteur : EVI (EFDD) (deadline for AM : 29.06.2017 at 15:00 / vote : 7.09.2017) - consideration of a draft opinion PA– PE 597.694 FdR 1115563
PUBLIC HEARING ‘Restoring Citizens’ confidence and trust in the European project’ (see separate programme)
Petition 0098/2015 by Maria Simona Bellini (Italian), bearing 31866 signatures, on support for family caregivers for the disabled in Italy (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 575,005 FdR 1082430 (18.12.2015) LT IT Minister (17.03.2017)
Petition 1639/2009 by A. V. Z. (Spanish) concerning confiscation of cigarettes by the German customs authorities CM-PE 441,126/REV.IV FdR 1124840
Petition 0335/2010 by Ana Miranda Paz (Spanish), on behalf of ‘Bloque nacionalista gallego’ (Galician Nationalist Block), on the siting of an acquaculture facility on the Costa de la Muerte in Coruña CM-PE 454,597/REV.II FdR 1124841
Petition 1331/2012 by Roberto Albanese (Italian) on the crisis in the solar energy sector in Italy CM-PE 529,912/REV.III FdR 1124842
Petition 0570/2013 by Ernesto Sojo (Spanish) on corruption in Romania sir0570-13 LT DG JUST LT Jourova
Petition 1998/2014 by S. K. (German), on the handling of personal data by PayPal CM-PE 578,586/REV FdR 1124855
Petition 1280/2015 by N.W.(German) on obstacles for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to get financing for research and innovation from the Horizon 2020 programme CM-PE 599,518/REV FdR 1124867
Petition 0198/2016 by J.Y. (Czech) on compulsory insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic and CM-PE 595,774/REV FdR 1124874 Petition 0435/2016 by J.Y. (Czech) on the use of medical data in the Czech Republic
Petition 0855/2016 by K. W. (German) on behalf of the Interessensgemeinschaft Botulismus und Clostridiose geschädigter Tier und Landbesitzer e. V. (interest group representing livestock owners and landowners affected by botulism and clostridium - IG Botulismus), on botulism and the actions of local German authorities that caused damage to his farm and to public health CM-PE 602,876 FdR 1122431
Petition 0900/2016 by Frida Kieninger (Austrian) on behalf of Food & Water Europe, bearing 732 signatures, on taking action against a multinational oil company for climate change denial CM-PE 604,579 FdR 1124888
Petition 0909/2016 by Myriam Alonso de Caso (Spanish) on the collection and recycling of used vegetable oil CM-PE 604,581 FdR 1124890
Petition 0984/2016 by Samuel Martin Sosa (Spanish) on wolves south of the River Duero CM-PE 604,585 FdR 1124894
Petition 0989/2016 by Oliver Busack (German) on inspecting and discussing potassium iodate in sausage products CM-PE 604,586 FdR 1124895
Petition 0991/2016 by Oliver Busack (German) on improving the quality of consumer information (packaging inserts) on medical products and the use of braille CM-PE 604,588 FdR 1124898
Petition 1038/2016 by T.H. (German) on the re-integration into the labour market in Germany of persons suffering from a mental illness CM-PE 604,590 FdR 1124900
Petition 1073/2016 by Chris Butler-Stroud (British), on behalf of ‘Whale and Dolphin Conservation’ (WDC), bearing 267,007 signatures, on the inclusion of the topic of Japan’s alleged violations of the International Whaling Moratorium in the current free trade negotiations between the EU and Japan CM-PE 604,591 FdR 1124901
Petition 1093/2016 by M.M. (German) on cross-border payments by card using a mobile terminal CM-PE 604,593 FdR 1124903
Petition 1163/2016 by Evangelos Tsiompanidis (Greek) on the statement by a Commissioner on granting agricultural subsidies to unidentified recipients in Greece CM-PE 604,596 FdR 1124906
Petition 1177/2016 by Isaac Ibáñez Garcia (Spanish) on the British Government’s attitude towards tightening rules for companies hiring foreign workers CM-PE 604,597 FdR 1124907
Petition 1185/2016 by Victor Delgado Santiago (Spanish) on the EU-Turkey agreement of 18 March 2016 on migration control CM-PE 604,598 FdR 1124908
Petition 1214/2016 by D.R. (Spanish) on ban of the mountain biking on single-track trails on the Nature 2000 sites CM-PE 604,600 FdR 1124913
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