Petitions (PETI)

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Coordinators' meeting
Adoption of draft agenda (1) OJ– PE 619.237
Approval of minutes of the meeting of: · 22-23 January 2018 · 21-22 February 2018 PV– PE 616.733 FdR 1147782 PV– PE 575.044 FdR 1146018 + annexes
Chair's announcements
Any other business
Opinion on Monitoring the application of EU law 2016 (2017/2273 (INI)) (for JURI) Rapporteur : WIKSTRÖM (ALDE) - adoption of a draft opinion PA– PE 616.610 FdR 1143402 AM– PE 618.218 FdR 1146642
Oral question to the Commission about its strategy on the right of persons with disabilities to vote and stand for election - adoption of an oral question OQ–
Petition 0092/2017 by Rafael Solaguren -Beascoa Fernández (Spanish) on road safety problems on the N-I motorway on the section between Burgos and Miranda de Ebro CM– PE 610,850 FdR 1135313
Petition 0954/2017 by A.K. (German), bearing 3 signatures, on the alleged non-observance of road safety regulations by the German state (in the presence of the petitioner) sir0954-17
Petition 0224/2017 by Kameliya Konakchieva (Bulgarian), on behalf of the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad, bearing 1707 signatures, on the proposal to offer end of school exams in all of the official languages of the European Union (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 615,534 FdR 1142560 (20.12.2017)
Petition 0907/2009 by Javier Castroviejo, on behalf of Club de Doñana (Spanish), on the deterioration of conditions in the Doñana National Park and Petition 0051/2013 by Pedro Jiménez San José (Spanish), on behalf of Izquierda Unida de Huelva, on the approval of projects involving the extraction, storage and transport of natural gas in Doñana (Huelva), a Natura2000 network area (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 0085/2013 by Aurelio González Peris (Spanish), on behalf of Asociación Mesa de la Ría de Huelva, on the approval of projects involving the extraction, storage and transport of natural gas in Doñana (Huelva), a Natura2000 network area and Petition 0257/2013 by A.P.P. (Spanish), bearing 2 signatures, on the approval of projects involving the extraction, storage and transport of natural gas in Doñana (Huelva), a Natura2000 network area (in the presence of the Andalucian Ombudsman) CM– PE 450,768/REV.IV FdR 1141275 CM– PE 537,216/REV FdR 1111698 CM– PE 529,966/REV.II FdR 1138407
Chair's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions
Petition 2191/2013 by Piero Bruni (Italian) on pollution of Lake Bolsena (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 551,817/REV.IV FdR 1147919
Petition 0614/2017 by Marco Santini (Italian), on behalf of ‘Meet-up of Casciana T. Lari in Movimento’, against the exploitation of geothermal energy in an area with thermal baths sir0614-17
Petition 0621/2017 by Valentina Rossi (Italian) on a moratorium on geothermal drilling on land (in the presence of the petitioner) sir0621-17
Petition 0829/2017 by S.P. (Italian), on behalf of ‘meetup arcidosso5stelle’, against geothermal energy production on Monte Amiata (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 1185/2017 by Lapo Rossi ((Italian), on behalf of the comitati ambientalisti del M.Amiata, bearing 7 signatures, on the same topic (in the presence of the petitioner) sir0829-17 sir1185-17
Petition 0845/2017 by R.C. (Italian), on behalf of the Italian Culture and Sports Association, Viterbo Provincial Committee, bearing 70 signatures, on the revision of Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of renewable energy (in the presence of the petitioner) sir0845-17
Presentation of the Study “ Waste management in Europe: main problems and best practices ” commissioned by Policy Department C for the Committee on Petitions by Christian Neubauer, Project Manager, Umweltbundesamt GmbH Study
Petition 0212/2008 by Ioannis Papadopoulos (Belgian), on the creation of landfill sites (Karvounari) (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 416,475/REV.X FdR 1132160
Petition 1653/2013 by Jean Papadopoulos (Belgian), on behalf of 360 residents of the affected area, on manifest irregularities regarding the management of the 'Ioannina Hellenic' landfill site (Epirus, Greece) (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 541,577/REV.II FdR 1138725
Petition 0573/2011 by Konstantinos Papadigenopoulos (Greek), bearing 2220 signatures, on serious errors and omissions in the environmental impact assessment for the proposed landfill site at Mavro Vouno Grammatikou, and the associated infringement of EU environmental legislation (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 0078/2007 by Mavroudis Voridis (Greek), on construction of a refuse tip in part of eastern Attica CM– PE 478,550/REV.IV FdR 1125774 CM– PE 567,786/REV.VIII FdR 1122353
Petition 1710/2013 by Kyriakos Gkikas (Greek) on the Fyli landfill and its impact on the environment and the health of local residents (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 2887/2013 by Harilaos Marmaros (Greek) , on behalf of the Struggle Committee of Fyli (Epitropi Agona Fylis), bearing 1 520 signatures, on the effects of the sanitary landfill on the surrounding area and its residents, as well as on its definitive closure. CM– PE 541,580/REV FdR 1134059
Petition 0232/2010 by Manuel de la Calle Albero (Spanish), on behalf of 'Esquerra Unida de Elda', on an illegal solid urban waste disposal site near Cañadas de Elda, Alicante (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 450,796/REV.VI FdR 1138402
POSTPONED to the April meeting : Oral Question and Resolution on ‘Tackling precarious and temporary employment in the European Union’ (deadline for AM to the Resolution : 26.03.2018 at 15:00 / vote : 24.04.2018) - consideration QRE–
POSTPONED to a later meeting : Opinion on The implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in the EU institutional framework ( 2017/2089(INI) ) Rapporteur : TERRICABRAS (GREENS/EFA) (deadline for AM : 27.03.2018 at 15:00 / vote : 24.04.2018) - consideration of a draft opinion PA–
JOINT PETI-ENVI PUBLIC HEARING on the Impact of Endocrine Disruptors on Public Health and the Environment, based on the petitions received (see separate programme)
Petition 0436/2014 by M. J. H. (British) on the application of VAT rules to UK Treasury Department solicitors providing legal services to other government departments sir0436-14 LT UK Treasury
Petition 1393/2014 by R. O. (Irish), on an infringement of the Seveso Directive in Clarecastle, Ireland CM-PE 582,347 FdR 1094947
Petition 1360/2015 by Valeri Fedjusin (Estonian) bearing 434 signatures, on language requirements for taxi drivers in Estonia CM-PE 587,766 FdR 1103245
Petition 0277/2016 by Guadalupe Gómez (Spanish) on plans to build a jetty at a beach in Sanxenxo, Galicia CM-PE 600,972/REV FdR 1144874
Petition 0388/2016 by A.T. (Greek) on the recognition of only a part of her degree as a professional qualification by the Greek State CM-PE 597,367/REV.II FdR 1144876
Petition 0566/2016 by T. P. (German) on a withholding tax on capital gains CM-PE 602,860 FdR 1122413 Opinion ECON
Petition 0745/2016 by Juan Antonio Martínez Dapena (Spanish) on wind turbine licensing systems CM-PE 600,993/REV FdR 1144878
Petition 1409/2016 by Rainer-Udo Steck (German) on an alleged abuse of power by the French gendarmerie sir1409-16 LT FRauthorities
Petition 1450/2016 by J.G. (German) on the adhesion of the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights CM-PE 609,442 FdR 1132219
Petition 0156/2017 by U.S. (Belgian) on an amendment to the regulation on protecting personal data in the EU in the context of the diffusion of intimate images CM-PE 616,915 FdR 1144873
Petition 0211/2017 by Jose Luis Ordoñez Fernández (Spanish) on the composting plant at Fuentepelayo, Segovia CM-PE 616,918 FdR 1144882
Petition 0229/2017 by Sara Martinez (Spanish) on the La Quebrada quarry in Jaén CM-PE 616,919 FdR 1144883
Petition 0311/2017 by B.S. (German) on behalf of the Wirtschaftsverband Brandschutz e.V. (German Fire Safety Trade Association) and Celsion Brandschutzsysteme GmbH, on ensuring a practicable and Europe-wide harmonised level of fire safety and amending Regulation (EU) no 305/2011 of 09/03/2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products CM-PE 615,333 FdR 1141247
Petition 0329/2017 by M.J. (German) on a solution for stolen bicycles CM-PE 615,538 FdR 1142569
Petition 0337/2017 by C.R. (German) on a liberalised mobile market in Europe and coverage of fees of calls placed to other EU Member States CM-PE 615,328 FdR 1141242
Petition 0374/2017 by A.U.-S. (German), on the cuts in her overlapping widow’s and retirement pension CM-PE 616,924 FdR 1144888
Petition 0395/2017 by Jens Genzer (German) on a proposal for revision of the air quality Directive CM-PE 615,327 FdR 1141241
Petition 0452/2017 by Hans Baeyens (Belgian) on improving the digital skills of older people in Belgium CM-PE 616,930 FdR 1144904
Petition 0453/2017 by Ana Margarita de la Cuesta de los Mozos (Spanish) on her situation in Belgium CM-PE 616,931 FdR 1144905 LT BE PermRep
Petition 0463/2017 by C.B. (German) on introducing video surveillance in slaughterhouses CM-PE 615,546 FdR 1142577
Petition 0472/2017 by L.M. (German), on behalf of SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund, signed by 57 466 people, on the labelling of palm oil on cosmetics CM-PE 616,933 FdR 1144907
Petition 0487/2017 by Clara Perez Sanchez (Spanish) concerning compensation for delay on a flight between outermost regions CM-PE 616,934 FdR 1144909
Petition 0491/2017 by E.A. (Nigerian) on denied boarding based on Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 CM-PE 616,936 FdR 1146869.0
Petition 0513/2017 by R.N.S. (German) on multidrug-resistant pathogens and the lack of responsibility of the European pharmaceutical sector CM-PE 616,938 FdR 1148232
Petition 0523/2017 by Christoph Klein (German) on the alleged violation of the Interest and Royalties Directive by Germany and other Member States CM-PE 617,961 FdR 1144916
Petition 0533/2017 by Benjamin Franzil (German) on refunding the withholding tax for private investors within the EU CM-PE 617,963 FdR 1144918
Petition 0572/2017 by Véronique Robert (French), bearing 692 signatures, on saving Stade Léo Lagrange in Paris, France CM-PE 617,966 FdR 1144921
Petition 0591/2017 by Michel Haßler (German) on the banning of diesel tampers and diesel vibratory plate compactors CM-PE 617,967 FdR 1144922
Petition 0602/2017 by Alan Ainsworth (British) on measures to protect buildings from fire as a consequence to Grenfell Tower fire in London and CM-PE 617,968 FdR 1144924 Petition 0603/2017 by Paul Tamblin (British) on measures on fire safety in buildings following Grenfell Tower fire in London
Petition 0618/2017 by Luis Molina (Spanish) on the company Telefónica’s abuse of its dominant position in Spain CM-PE 617,969 FdR 1144925
Petition 0619/2017 by Evangelos Tsiompanidis (Greek), on behalf of Agrotiko Ktinotrofiko Komma Elladas (Greek Agriculture and Livestock Party), on the possible existence of a cartel in the sheep and goat milk sector in Greece CM-PE 617,971 FdR 1144927
Petition 0643/2017 by R.B. (German) on the rejection of legal action on compensation claims against the Principality of Liechtenstein CM-PE 617,975 FdR 1144932
Petition 0646/2017 by Dario Mangili (Italian) on the alleged infringement of European legislation by some car manufacturers CM-PE 617,976 FdR 1144942
Petition 0661/2017 by Francesco Cerchio (Italian) on imports of products derived from raw camel milk CM-PE 617,977 FdR 1144943
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  • 23.04.2018 , 15.00 – 18.30
  • 24.04.2018 , 9.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30

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