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Coordinators' meeting
Adoption of draft agenda (1) OJ– PE 616.608
Approval of minutes of the meeting of: · 22-23 November 2017 · 28 November 2017 PV– PE 613.610 FdR 1140081 PV– PE 615.198 FdR 1143068 + annexes
Chair's announcements
Any other business
Petition 1498/2016 by Őrs Orosz (Slovak) on the protection of the quality of groundwater resources in Vereknye / Vrakuňa, Slovakia against chemical environmental pollution and safeguarding the health of the population concerned (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 609,452 FdR 1132229
Petition 1497/2016 by Panagiotis Leliatsos (Greek) on the abusive bank fees imposed on businesses for electronic transactions CM– PE 609,451 FdR 1135991 opinionECON LT-MinFinEL
Fact-finding Visit to Larnaca, Cyprus (deadline for AM on the recommendations : 2.02.2018 at 15:00/ vote : 21.02.2018) - consideration of the draft FFV report CR– PE 612.114 FdR 1136454
Chair's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions
Motion for a Resolution on the Protection and non-discrimination of minorities in the EU Member States ( 2017/2937(RSP) ) - consideration of a draft short resolution and - adoption of a draft short resolution RE– PE 612.365 FdR 1142993
Opinion on the European citizens’ initiative ( 2017/0220(COD) ) (for AFCO) Rapporteur : WALESA (EPP) (consideration : 21-22.02.2018 / deadline for AM : 1.03.2018 at 15:00 / vote : 24.04.2018) - exchange of views
Petition 0689/1998 by David Petrie (British), on behalf of the 'Associazione Lettori di Lingua Straniera in Italia', on the situation of foreign-language lecturers in Italy (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petitions 0508 and 0509/2007 by Simon Lander and Cheryl Wolley (British), on discriminatory treatment of foreign-language assistants at Cagliari university and other Italian universities and Petition 1101/2007 by Angeles Negre Cuevas (Spanish), on alleged discrimination based on nationality regarding foreign language teachers at Italian universities and Petition 1152/2011 by M.A. (Spanish), on discrimination against foreign language assistants in Italian universities and Petition 2788/2013 by Bettina Faber (German) on the situation of non-Italian lettori at Italian universities CM– PE 472,170/REV.XV FdR 1134053 sir1101-07
Petition 0906/2016 by Andrea Chemello (Italian) concerning environmental protection in the Valledora area (Piedmont, Italy) (possibly in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 604,580 FdR 1124889
Welcoming words by the Chair to Members of the Moroccan Parliament
Petition 1042/2011 by Reinhard Uhrig (German), on behalf of Friends of the Earth Austria, with approximately 98 500 signatures, on the worldwide phasing out of nuclear energy to be commenced immediately CM– PE 487,868/REV FdR 922955
Petition 1403/2011 by H .W. F. (German) on expansion of the Temelin nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic CM– PE 494,746/REV.III FdR 1135279
Petition 0956/2016 by H. E. (German) on behalf of the action group ‘DreiländerRegion gegen Tihange’ (Three Countries Region against Tihange) on the Tihange 2 Nuclear Power Station CM– PE 610,611 FdR 1134085
Petition 0581/2013 by Franz Dobusch (Austrian) concerning single European liability insurance against nuclear incidents and Petition 1845/2013 by R. E. (Austrian), on behalf of "atomstopp_oberoesterreich", bearing 14658 signatures, on a single EU-wide insurance about civil liability arising from accidents in nuclear power plants (in the presence of the petitioner) sir0581-13 CM– PE 535,851/REV FdR 1121487 opinion ITRE
Presentation of the Study “Italian state beach concessions and Directive 2006/123/EC” ” commissioned by Policy Department C for the Committee on Petitions by Cristiana Benetazzo, Professore diritto amministrativo, Università di Padova and Sara Gobbato, Avvocato foro di Treviso Study
Petition 0336/2012 by C.R. (Danish), concerning the routine tail-docking of piglets in Denmark and Petition 0721/2014 by Joanna Swabe (British), on behalf of Human Society International, and two signatories, on the Routine docking of pigs’ tails (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 1141/2014 by Fredrick Federley (Swedish), on the cutting of pigs’ tails CM– PE 496,627/REV.IV FdR 1135280 Study LT_Commissioner
Petition 1212/2016 by M.C. (Irish) bearing 2 signatures, on problems with the cattle identity tags in Ireland CM– PE 609,433 FdR 1132210
Petition 0298/2017 by János Méry (Slovak) on ensuring uniform quality of consumer products in the internal market (in the presence of the petitioner) and Petition 0370/2017 by László Csizmadia (Hungarian), on behalf of Civil Összefogás Közhasznú Alapítvány, on establishing a parliamentary committee and a permanent monitoring system to investigate quality differences in food products in different EU Member States CM– PE 613,363 FdR 1138791 sir0370-17
Petition 0015/2017 by Simon Baraldi (Italian) on the harmonisation of insurance parameters for compensating damages in the EU (in the presence of the petitioner) CM– PE 610,843 FdR 1135305
Presentation of the Study “ Effective access to justice ” commissioned by Policy Department C for the Committee on Petitions by Nathy Rass-Masson, Project manager and Legal Advisor, Milieu Study
Opinion on the implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in the EU institutional framework ( 2017/2089(INI) ) Rapporteur : TERRICABRAS (GREENS) (deadline for AM : / vote : ) - consideration of a draft opinion PR– PE FdR
Petition 0232/2010 by Manuel de la Calle Albero (Spanish), on behalf of 'Esquerra Unida de Elda', on an illegal solid urban waste disposal site near Cañadas de Elda, Alicante CM-PE 450,796/REV.VI FdR 1138402
Petition 2496/2014 by A. R. (Polish), on the Commission’s stance on a decision of rejection made by Lodz University of Technology in a job application case CM-PE 587,723/REV FdR 1138735
Petition 0515/2015 by Simone Sansoni (Italian) on freedom of association for military personnel of the European Union Member States and CM-PE 585,662/REV FdR 1138737 Petition 0617/2015 by Antono Savino (Italian) on freedom of association for military personnel in Italy
Petition 1051/2015 by G.B.A. (Spanish) regarding the management of fishery resources in the Bay of Biscay CM-PE 605,987/REV FdR 1138739 opinion PECH
Petition 1496/2016 by Thomas Pfister (German) on the repair of household devices and CM-PE 613,329 FdR 1138748 Petition 0574/2016 by Jan Zielke (German) on the creation of a register for the lifespans of consumer products and the potential to repair them and Petition 0003/2017 by J. M. (Polish) on a proposal to ban the sale of products in the EU that cannot be repaired by someone other than the manufacturer and to minimise products reparation costs
Petition 0881/2016 by M.C. (Italian) on a refusal to grant compensation for damages following a robbery in a holiday complex in Cape Verde CM-PE 613,331 FdR 1138750
Petition 0900/2016 by Frida Kieninger (Austrian) on behalf of Food & Water Europe, bearing 732 signatures, on taking action against a multinational oil company for climate change denial CM-PE 604,579/REV FdR 1138751
Petition 1109/2016 by Manuel Sendino López (Spanish) on the new tax on sustainable tourism in the Balearic Islands CM-PE 605,994/REV FdR 1138753
Petition 1477/2016 by J.M.M.E. (Portuguese) on a dispute with the European Commission over the exploitation of a river basin CM-PE 613,332 FdR 1138754
Petition 1509/2016 by B.B.T. (Spanish) on aerial application and CM-PE 613,334 FdR 1138757 Petition 1523/2016 by Juan Manuel Segarra Mucientes (Spanish) on behalf of the STOP Fumigaciones platform, on aerial application
Petition 0135/2017 by Georgios Floras (Greek) on the alleged lack of regulation in Greece of giving honest bankrupt entrepreneurs a second chance CM-PE 613,345 FdR 1138773
Petition 0150/2017 by Jürgen Heß (German) on the suspension of family reunification for refugee minors with subsidiary protection CM-PE 613,348 FdR 1138776
Petition 0151/2017 by Hermann Wittwer (German) on the apparent discrimination in traffic law against German motor home drivers CM-PE 613,349 FdR 1138777
Petition 0168/2017 by C.F. (Austrian) on the discrimination on grounds of nationality he allegedly suffered when looking for a job in Switzerland CM-PE 613,352 FdR 1138780
Petition 0179/2017 by V.T. (Greek) on harmonization of the professional rights of dental technicians in the EU CM-PE 613,354 FdR 1138782
Petition 0214/2017 by B.H. (British) on a breach of timeshare legislation (a personal case) CM-PE 613,357 FdR 1138785
Petition 0253/2017 by Evangelos Tsiompanidis (Greek), on behalf of the Greek Farmers and Stock Breeders’ Party, on allegedly illegal bank account confiscations of agricultural subsidies in Greece CM-PE 613,360 FdR 1138788
Petition 0271/2017 by Benjamin Rzepka (German) on video surveillance in slaughterhouses CM-PE 613,361 FdR 1138789
Petition 0296/2017 by Horst Maiwald (German) on the European Monetary Union CM-PE 613,362 FdR 1138790
Petition 0299/2017 by V.V. (Belgian), on the different application of the Directive on the Coordination of Social Security Systems in Ireland and Belgium CM-PE 613,364 FdR 1142931.0
Petition 0340/2017 by V.D. (Romanian) on food labelling CM-PE 613,366 FdR 1138794
Date and place of next meeting
  • 21.02.2016 , 9.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30
  • 22.02.2016 , 9.00 – 12.30

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