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About Parltrack

Parltrack is a European initiative to improve the transparency of legislative processes. It combines information on dossiers, representatives, vote results and committee agendas into a unique database and allows the tracking of dossiers using email and RSS. Most of the data presented is also available for further processing in JSON format. Using Parltrack it's easy to see at a glance which dossiers are being handled by committees and MEPs.


Parltrack currently monitors the European law-making using the data available from The data is being scraped from OEIL, EP plenary minutes, online MEP profiles, IPEX and parliamentary committee agendas.


Parltrack currently does not use cookies per default. The preferences of the users however are stored in cookies. These do not allow tracking, except setting your email address would - but we never do*. The only private information stored are the email addresses of the users of the monitoring feature. These email addresses are used for the sole purpose of notifying users of changes. Web server access logs are stored for a maximum of one year for statistical purposes only.

* we opt to ask you to donate instead of selling your private data.


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Parltrack is inspired by Tratten.

The following persons have earned eternal gratefulness for directly contributing to Parltrack Erik, Peter, Asciimoo, Smari, Sandra, Niels, Andreas, Rufus, Michel, Eric, Xavier, Jeremie, Bram, Pudo, Kirsten, Karsten, Javier, Rejo, Ante, Walter, Benjamin, Glyn, Ton, Gijs, Felix, Anne, Theodora, Danya, Matthias, André, Cory, Marco.

The maintainer(s) of Parltrack would like to express their deepest datalove to its supporters during the Parltrack 2013 funding campaign: András Veres-Szentkirályi, Julien Rabier, Rafael F.Font, tilmann_ch, Yoann, lowry1, Mélissa Richard, Mael Bunet, Karsten Gerloff, Rémont, Fabian Hanneforth, Tomas Hecker, Markus Ostenried, Felix Erckenbrecht, Walter van Holst, Mario Gustke, Lucie Post, David Gayou, Jacques Kreitmann, Sara Magdalena Goldberger, Felix Treguer,, Nico Madysa, Dave Durant, Daniel Bohrer, Kai, Jonathan Gray (@jwyg), Kai Nikulainen, Jérôme Lang, Ulrich Maasmeier, Dr. Maximillian Dornseif, Thorsten, David Hermanns, Christian Drieling, Piet, Ulf Mayer, Manfried Meyer-Stumpf, Forskningsavdelningen, Claudia Borges, Johannes Jähnke, Marco Nolden, Fabian Hanneforth, fin, Herbert Waloschek, Frederic, Lutz Mache, Alain, Raphael Brandis, Alek Tarkowski, Tilmann Z, Alexander Mikhailian, Jean-Grégoire Foulon and a bunch of anonymous supporters.


  • Number of MEPs: 3617
  • Number of Dossiers: 24687
  • Number of Votes: 8175

Newest Dossiers

  • 2016/05/03 2016/0120(NLE) EU/Euratom/Georgia, Japan, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Tajikistan, USA Agreement: continuing the International Science and Technology Center
  • 2016/05/03 2016/0121(NLE) EC/Egypt Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement: accession of Croatia to the EU. Protocol
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2052(INI) European defence union
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2053(INI) Future of ACP-EU relations beyond 2020
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2054(INI) EU common commercial policy in the context of wildlife sustainability imperatives
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2055(INI) Role of whistle-blowers in the protection of EU's financial interests
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2056(INI) Green paper on retail financial services
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2058(INI) EU strategy on heating and cooling
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2059(INI) EU strategy for liquefied natural gas and gas storage
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2060(INI) Women's rights in the Eastern Partnership States and other neighbouring countries
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2061(INI) Need for an EU strategy to end and prevent the gender pension gap
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2062(INI) Aviation strategy for Europe
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2063(INI) European Central Bank annual report for 2015
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2064(INI) Implementation of the European Fund for Strategic Investments
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2065(INI) Cross border mergers and divisions
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2066(INI) Certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters (Mediation Directive)
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2067(INI) Implementation of the common security and defence policy (based on the annual report from the Council to the European Parliament on the common foreign and security policy)
  • 2016/05/03 2016/2072(INI) Coherent EU policy for cultural and creative industries